Benefits of Buying Used Trucks

Used Car

Buying a used truck instead of new is a smart decision. It’s a fact that when you buy a brand new truck it loses thousands of dollars in value the day that you drive it off the lot. New cars can be expected to lose up to 30% of their value within the first two years of ownership. Used cars depreciate too, as time goes on, but at a much slower rate that isn’t as likely to cause you to be upside down on your loan.

New cars are also significantly more expensive with various add-ons dealerships add to give you the perfect customization, but this comes at a much higher price than the same features would be at an aftermarket location. Used vehicles might not give you every single feature you want, but you’ll be able to find most of the basics will suit your needs. Since a used truck is cheaper than a brand new one, you’ll be required to put down a smaller down payment and get lower monthly payments since the overall balance of the loan is significantly smaller.

Used Car

Quality Used Trucks

You might be worried that a used truck doesn’t meet the same safety standards and peace of mind that buying a new truck gives you. Every truck is given a full inspection before we put it up for sale. We look over everything on the body including the cab, bed, and frame. We also do a complete inspection of everything under the hood and ensure that your new-to-you truck is just as reliable as if you bought it brand new from the manufacturer. Each vehicle undergoes a rigorous inspection as we ensure there are no leaks anywhere, parts that need replaced and put fresh fluids in for optimal running conditions.

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