Moving on Kids,Cars and College

We've all had that moment: driving along, and your car make a noise like a bear inside a dryer.  We hear it....and ignore it.  Or we pray that it goes away.  Because we know that if we take it ti get looked at, they may give us the most grim of diagnoses for car owners: you're gonna need a new car.  

And maybe we've heard that before. And another time. But for reasons near and dear to us, we can't bear to part with the car.  Maybe it's financial reasons, or maybe it's a gift from your grandparents got you when you turned 16.  Either way, it can be tough to let go of such an important part of your life. 

You're not the only ones having this sort of problem.  We're in August, which means kids will soon be filling back to school.  For some parents,their kids will be going to college.  The same kids that they've packed lunches for, checked homework for, driven around for school projects and homecoming dances...they'll soon be off on their own.  This can be very scary for parents, and they may not know what to do.

But it's funny; you can handle both the situations the same way....remember the good times, and move on.

Dog-Friendly Cars

Owning a dog is a full-time commitment-- when you adopt a dog, you're adding another member to your family.  So when it comes time to start shopping for your next car, you might find yourself with more to consider than usual.  There are lots of details that are worth paying extra attention to on behalf of your canine friend.  Although lots of dogs like to ride up front with their heads sticking out the window, it's much safer for them to ride in back.  obviously the amount of space you need will depend on the size of dog.  Small to medium dogs will be very comfortable in the small to mid-size suv's and crossover's which usually have around 25 feet of cubic space, and the larger dogs will need more room ,so the full size that have on average around 70 feet of cubic space would be more adequate.  

Down payment,cash down,trade equity

One of the most commonly asked questions we get  at Sunshine is, Do I need a down payment to get financed? The fact that are vehicles

are priced at or below retail book the answer is usually ''No".  You may wish to use some or all of your trade equity and/or apply some cash to lower the monthly payment but that in up to you . 

New website

We are celebrating our new website with a great selection of low mileage suv's,truck's,crossover's,sedan's,and van's. We have interest rates as low as 1.9% o.a.c. for a limited time so stop in today for a test drive.
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