Used Cars Under $15,000 in Moissoula, MT

The manufacturer's suggested retail price, or MSRP, on vehicles keeps rising. If you watch television or listen to the radio, you probably hear ads about new cars and SUVs that cost as much as $40,000. When you factor in all the extra options that you might want, the cost can rise to $50,000 or more. Finding a car that you can afford once took a lot of effort. You probably went through classified ads in the paper, looked at dozens of websites and even visited dealerships in your city. At Sunshine Motors, we now offer a range of vehicles priced at or below $15,000 for Missoula, MT shoppers.

When the government launched the Cash for Clunkers program, it did so as a way to get cars that used too much gas or did too much damage to the environment off the road. The program significantly reduced the number of affordable cars that were in the world too. We offer affordable vehicles for drivers of all ages and types. When you look at the vehicles we have for sale at prices under $15,000, you'll find SUVs, trucks and cars from major manufacturers like Ford,Toyota,Subaru,VW,Kia,Hyundai,GMC, and Chevy.

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